How a Roof Leak Can Affect Your Home

A leaky roof is a complicated situation,
and it can cause several interior issues. Even minor leaks can cause severe
losses if not dealt with on time. The small, insidious leaks can turn into
significant problems. There are many ways of stopping a roof leak, depending on
its magnitude and cause.

If you notice any leak in your home,
whether minor or significant, deal with it immediately. However, preventing
damage is always better than repair. Hence, regular roof inspection goes a long
way, especially after a heavy storm. In this article, we’ll look at the several
effects of a leaky roof in your home.

Attic and Ceiling Damage

Some of the earliest problems caused by a
leaky roof include attic and ceiling damage. An attic gives your ceiling a
layer of protection; hence, the ceiling will be more vulnerable without one.
However, extensive leaks can penetrate through the attic and destroy the
ceiling. If you start noticing dark, usually circular stains on your ceiling,
it indicates water damage. With time, the surrounding plaster sometimes also
bubbles or darkens.

Mold and Mildew

A roof prone to leaks significantly
contributes to the growth of mold and mildew within our homes. This is a
significant problem because, if untreated, they can quickly spread throughout
your home. Mold thrives well where there is heat, a source of food and

Hence, anything stored in the attic and the
ceiling is susceptible to mold and rot. Your home is at risk of black mold, one
of the most common. Although not all black mold is hazardous, all are
challenging and expensive to eradicate.

Compromised Structural Integrity

High or prolonged water inflow can affect
your roof’s rafters and decking. It can also flow through your wall studs,
attic floor beams, and other structural components. Over time, these components
may rot, weakening your home’s structure.

Carpeting, beams, plywood, and especially
hardwood flooring are also hit hard by the effects of a leaky roof. These
floors soak with rainwater, becoming uneven or sagging. Slippery floors are
also a slip-and-fall hazard, which can have serious consequences.

Although minor leaks are easy to handle and
repair the aftermath effects, major ones can be a nightmare. At Elevated
Contracting, we prioritize returning your home to its original status.
Contact us now for all roofing requirements, whether repairs or replacements.

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