What to Expect During the Insurance Claims Process

So, you have started a roofing claim with your insurance company? Be prepared to wait while the insurance company walks through the usual steps. Each step is part of the typical protocol that insurance companies follow before issuing a claim check.

The Inspection

After you file a claim, the insurance company is going to want to inspect your roof. They can’t simply take you at your word or they would go broke. Someone they hire or outsource the inspection to will call you to arrange a date and time to inspect your roof. Most of the time you don’t have to be home but if you have questions for the inspector, you should be at home for the appointment.

Pictures As Proof

The inspector isn’t just going to climb on your roof and look around. He or she will take lots of pictures of any areas of damage. The pictures will be submitted to your insurance company so that the claims adjuster can make a fair decision. 

The Assessment by the Claims Adjuster

The claims adjuster will look at the pictures and read the report from the inspector. The damages are evaluated by the claims adjuster at the lowest price for repairs. You can submit an estimate for repairs to the adjuster. Usually, two estimates for the work are requested. Then the adjuster will cut and issue a check for the repairs at the lowest estimate or at the current market value of materials and labor for your roof. 

The check is sent to you to make the repairs, or to the roofing contractor you intend to hire for the job. While you can hire anyone you want to do the work, the check will not cover the cost if you hire someone with the higher estimate. After the check is sent, the claims adjuster closes your claim and considers the matter complete. 

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