Green Roofing Options for Houses and Commercial Buildings: There Are More Than You Think

Living in the city or suburbs where there isn’t a lot of room for a garden. People who want to do their part and help out the environment may not know that they can create a green roof. A green roof is the solution to both a lack of a garden on the ground and a contribution to the environment in an urban area. Green roofing on houses and commercial buildings is nothing new, but how they are constructed in the present day is. Consult with a green roofing contractor for ideas.

Full Garden or Small Boxed Gardens on a Commercial Roof

A commercial roof only serves one purpose, and that’s to funnel rain off a tall building. What if you could put the rain to good use by growing things and reducing pollution? That’s exactly what a lot of commercial buildings in big cities like New York and Chicago are doing. You can choose to line the entire expanse of the roof with a full garden, or plant individual gardens in raised garden boxes on the same expanse of roof. The actual roof underneath is protected by a waterproof membrane and water is funneled into the garden(s) instead of off the roof.

Green Roofing on a Sloped Residential Roof

There’s a couple of different ways you could do this. Growing sod on the roof prior to growing flowers or wildflowers is one way. Another is to construct a roof with stepped planter boxes and grow things in rows down the slopes. You can also hang baskets and water chains from the edges of the roof to grow even more green things. As for the roof itself, it is protected through several layers of water-resistant and waterproof materials. The integrity of your roof is never compromised when the planning and construction phases of a green roof are expertly executed.

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