The Slate Roof and Its Longevity Can’t Be Beat: Is This Big Investment Right for You?

A slate tile roof is made up of thousands of individually cut stone tile shingles. Every tile is layered over the next and secured to a wooden framework. Roofs of this sort have lasted for well over a century, making them the longest lasting roofing material you can buy. However, the cost of a slate tile roof is quite jaw-dropping. Here’s how you can look at the price tag and find peace with your investment. 

An Asphalt Shingle Roof Would Have to Be Replaced Several Times Over

An asphalt shingle roof would need to be replaced five times in a hundred-year period. Every time that shingle roof is replaced, the price would go up several thousand dollars. If the roof costs $25,000 the first time to replace, it will eventually cost you almost a quarter of a million to replace the roof five times in a hundred years, give or take a few thousand. The slate tile roof may cost a lot initially, but it pays for itself over time because you will never have to replace it in your lifetime or your children’s lifetime.

Almost Nothing Can Damage Slate Tile

Wind, fire, ice, snow, rain, or hail have virtually no impact on a slate tile roof. Imagine having a roof that cannot burn, won’t curl up from extreme heat or wind, is never impacted by ice or snow, and hail up to a certain diameter can’t ding the tiles.

You would never have to file a claim on your insurance for the roof when you have slate tile installed. That translates to no increase in your insurance rates or premiums, saving you money that way. Some insurance companies even offer discounts when they find out you have slate tile for a roof. Ask your insurance company if they offer something like this.

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