What to Know About GAF Certified Roofers and Product Warranties

Achieving the dream of homeownership is a goal for many. The roof holds particular importance as a crucial component of any structure. A home is valued depending on the type and quality of the roof installed. For the best results, always ensure you hire a qualified roofer. With a GAF-certified roofer, you will never go wrong. 

There is also a solid relationship between roofers and GAF product warranty. The warranty level depends on the products purchased and the roofer’s qualification. This article will look at the benefits of working with GAF Certified Roofers. 

GAF Product Warranties

Investing in products with comprehensive warranties gives you confidence in your roof’s future. The warranty will cover almost every cost if you need repairs or replacements. GAF offers five levels of product warranties to protect the integrity of their roofs. The warranty protects you against poor artistry and defective products. 

GAF insists on working with certified roofers to ensure your project is well done. Opting for non-certified roofers disqualifies you from the GAF warranty. Hiring GAF-certified roofers might be expensive, but the quality of their work is worth it. 

The product warranties offered by GAF are

  • GAF Shingle and Accessory Limited Warranty
  • GAF Roofing System Limited Warranty
  • System Plus Limited Warranty
  • Silver Pledge Limited Warranty 
  • Golden Pledge Limited Warranty

Who Are GAF Certified Roofers?

GAF-certified roofing contractors are top-tier professionals. They’ve earned recognition through dedication, effort, commitment, and extensive expertise. There are four levels of GAF certifications:

Authorized: This is the GAF entry-level certification. You become a GAF-authorized roofer after meeting several minimum requirements set by the company. These roofers qualify you for the 1st-tier GAF System Plus Limited Warranty. 

Certified: A certified roofer has more experience than the authorized. To become a certified roofer, you must have a proven record of professionalism and quality work. Working with an accredited roofer opens up all the other GAF product warranties. 

Master Elite: This is the second-most prestigious GAF certification level a roofer can receive. The threshold for this title is very high. Hence, very few roofers have managed to get it. 

President’s Club: This is the highest and most prestigious title a roofer can receive from GAF. Proficiency in this program is contingent upon very advanced skill levels and expertise. Hence, this also has very few members. 

 Your roof’s durability and performance hinge on top-quality materials and skilled installation. For a reliable and professionally installed roofing system, let Elevated Contracting do the job for you.

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